Kokomo Joe – street theater at its best!

First saw Joe about a month ago when my camera was a couple days new. Thought I pressed the record button but alas not – well I got a second chance today – don’t know if there’ll be another – I’m going to have fun editing the complete recordings – here’s a taste

Z Wallis Army Navy Store no more – Uptown, Chicago


"Z Wallis Army Navy Surplus

“Z Wallis Army Navy Surplus

“Z” Wallis has been located here on Broadway, Uptown, Chicago for at least 45 years and the business has been going for approximately 70 years.  The owner is retiring next month and when he closes the door “Z” Wallis surplus will go with him.  There are several vacant storefronts within a stone’s throw which indicate times modern and current.  Say goodbye to the smell of old canvas and retro camping gear; an era ends and there probably won’t be another business on the premises any time too soon.  I felt it coming but never dared to ask fearing it might bring on the inevitable even sooner.  Seems people don’t spend money at this kind of small business setup anymore – you’ll find the paying customers down the street at Target or other large business concerns.  So a farewell to you old friend; may your clearance sale net enough to provide a decent severance package to each of your longtime employees.



A real painting

Cachaco del Unicentro

Nice Coat

Smoking section

Having a break and some good conversation.

Berwyn Red Line

Leaving El and heading to Jewel - or perhaps somewhere else ..

Off the El and on to Jewel – maybe ..

Here is where it began

May my force be forceful –