My task remains the same from the day I picked up a brush or pressed the shutter button on my first camera: to create a two dimensional image that evokes a visceral response from the viewer. A personal, visual dialogue has developed, grown and matured over 25 years – amazing! Personal is the key word here. My span on Earth allows me a precious moment, an opportunity to make an impression among fellow beings. How will this gift manifest and play out over the years? Big question.

I have found artistic success creating visual stories most often in the area of portraiture or peopled scenes. Selecting the subject(s) is of key importance! Passion for the subject is a must and the inventiveness to weave spatial arrangements in a way which delivers a story with impact is not only worthwhile but sublime.

Effective, powerful, communication, a balance of the subtle and blatant, to get the message across is the trick. When that is accomplished – really accomplished, there results an Art experience – a sharing than lifts the participants a bit higher for a better view of that which surrounds us and most valuable.

The art presented here on this site uses as it subject many of the local people walking the streets in Uptown, Chicago. I have included as well people and places from my days living abroad in Bogota, Colombia. May you be moved in some way as you cast your gaze from frame to frame and perhaps leave in a state of mind different from that in which you entered.